Gatwick Airport Drones - Coverups and Conspiracies

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Anyone else finding this all a bit fishy?

The two they arrested and held for over 24 hours before releasing without a charge seemed to have a solid alibi so strange they were held for so long.

A story appeared on the BBC news website that they found the drone and then was completely rewritten 5 minutes after going live to say some unrelated parts were found that were nothing do to with it. As the beeb takes longer to write a story and put it out it's suspect that it passed all of their procedures to go live then was totally changed to be a different story.

I still think it was Putin. But realistically it could have been anyone the other side of the world that set it all up months ago and it was all automatic while they sipped pina coladas on the beach.

Police seem clueless about it all and Gatwick are now offering £50'000 for information
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Seems very fishy- I originally thought that perhaps it was a old worker who had been fired or something and was resentful?
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Sounds like their neighbours told the police on them because they liked drones and had a vendetta. Worrying that they would hold them for 36 hours with what seams to be no evidence. Probably the same neighbours that leaked their names once they were arrested with dozens of police vans outside their home.

Now they are saying there might not have ever been any drones! So many times reported drones turn out to be plastic bags.

Could have just been Putin getting 3 people to call up 20 odd times to report a drone. Or a big black plastic bag that several people reported that kept going back and fourth!

Getting even more fishy!

Gatwick drone police say 'there may never have been a drone at all'
Sussex Police said they are investigating several possibilities after flights at Gatwick Airport were disrupted for three days

Mr Tingley said there is no available footage of the drones and police are relying on witness accounts.

He added there was "always a possibility that there may not have been any genuine drone activity in the first place", but they were working on a range of information from members of the public, police officers and staff working at Gatwick who had reported otherwise.

He said the force had received more than 67 calls from members of the public, airport staff and police officers stationed at the airport and detectives were working to determine whether they were confirmed.

Mr Tingley assured members of the public that the specialist measures, including those provided by the military, would remain in place until it was deemed appropriate for efforts to be scaled back
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Intriguing, and it has undoubtedly cost millions in cancelled flights, etc. I think drones are going to end up being annoying pests in our lives.
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