Game of Thrones Predictions Sweepstake - Who will die and win? [no spoilers]

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Anyone else want to join in?

These are my guesses for who dies and wins.

E1 - Sansa
E2 - Mel and Miss
E3 - Arya
E4 - Mountain killed by the hound
E5 - Knight King killed by John Snow (Aegon) and Dany who sacrifices herself for the greater good
E6 - Cersei killed by Jamie, Brienne then kills Jamie. All dragons die and burn.

Lyanna Mormont sits on the throne, ends.
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Here's my prediction sheet! I'll add the blank one if anyone would like to do their own.

zn80mVj.jpg zn80mVj (1).jpg
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I think Tyrion has made a secret pact with Cersei and will betray the Starks and then kills everyone.
I think there will be one surviving from each family. I'm with Yel and think Jamie will kill cersei, as I think she'll go mad. I still can't decide who will take the throne but I'm thinking its going to be someone we least expect, someone with a background secret we don't know about.


Jaime killing Cersei has basically always been on the cards as it was part of the prediction she got as a girl that her younger brother would kill her and she typically always assumed it to be Tyrion despite Jaime being a couple of minutes younger too.
Newer fan theory doing the rounds is that Arya does it wearing his face. Thus killing two birds with one stone...
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