Gabriella Lindley #17 brat overfeeds her cat, eats like a rat and marches round her flat

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Full thread title: Gabriella Lindley #17 Acts like a brat, overfeeds her cat, eats like a rat, while marching around her flat
Thanks to @TeaAddict

Recap of our Gabs:

- designing her own merch and threw shade on twitter that someone is ripping off her designs. Said on Instagram that she has to redesign some of her "collection". It is clear to everyone but Gabbie that she is the one doing the ripping off.

- posted some manic Insta stories about her "hall passes". Chose young Jennifer Aniston, young Cameron Diaz and young Julia Roberts. Mentioned young Jude Law just to remind us all that she is bisexual.

- bought some hideous pastel plastic crates for her new business venture

- is planning to move her office around AGAIN

- is already regretting her new hair and wants her dark extensions back

- bought a new hoover and proved to us all how filthy her flat is. On its first use she filled it twice!

- has set herself a goal of reaching 10, 000 steps a day. But she won't go outside. So she just walks laps around her apartment.

- but exercise makes her pain flare up. So the disappearing mystery pain has returned. Says "we" are 95% sure it's adhesions/endo but will have the exploratory op in January. She's obviously hoping that with that timeframe we'll all forget about it. *calendars marked*

- still loves ham

- still photoshops her moon face

@Doc compiled this very comprehensive list of Gabbie's "ailments" :


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She is clearly over sharing about her ‘pain’ now to deflect from her frankly weird behaviour of late and also the copying thing with her ‘friends’ it’s all just so weird. To be honest at this point I feel almost sorry for her. I don’t think she should be online and I feel as though I only follow her because it’s like car crash tv. I just can’t stop watching


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I’m not a doctor or expert by any means, but if she’s 26/27 and has suspected endometriosis since she’s had her period - surely she would know by now for sure? My mum had endometriosis and had multiple operations in her early 20’s until she had kids and then she got everything taken out. But as a teen she was on a contraceptive to fully stop her periods because they were so painful.

I find it very hard to believe if gabby has been dealing with all of this for as long as she says, that it would be ignored up until now by her doctors. Also if she paid for a private scan why can’t she pay for a private operation to sort it out? Why wait until January if it’s so bad? Would her doctor even let her take tramadol for that long to manage the pain?


Wouldn’t ‘adhesions’ be most likely caused by her multiple surgery’s rather than Endo? I know a handful of people who have endometriosis, PCOS and other issues relating to periods etc. Their pain is utterly life altering and has caused fertility issues, acne, facial hair and other symptoms since they were in their early teens.

She seems to only have recently had this issue and constantly talks about getting pregnant on her own lol.
I have endo and had surgery for it within months of seeing a doctor for the first time. I have dealt with heavy and painful periods my whole life. If she has been in this much pain for years she would have 100% got it dealt with seeing as well all know she goes private.
Also, going on about worrying if she can get pregnant or not. Girl you have to have sex to get pregnant 🤦🏻‍♀️

Although speaking of pregnancy, I have been lucky enough to have 2 babies and it has definitely helped in making my periods less painful. So maybe having a baby would help with the pain


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Oh god she’s so predictable! Makes an utter twat of herself, and then suddenly the pain that she’s not mentioned for about a month is suddenly back 🙄 Is Jane still there? Maybe she went home so now she’s got to make Jane feel bad for leaving her on her own again.

Maybe she should just bring out a line of piggy banks with “Ham fund” written on them.


Oh she's been working on this project for a year, has she? WOW! What are the odds?! Adele and I have ALSO been working on a secret album together for 3 years. Can't let things get out TOO early or people may overexcite themselves to death. The public is SEW demanding when you're SEW cool, SEW original, and SEW talented. That's why you have to not let even a ham crumb of hints through that you've been doing something until it's, I mean...ready!
I wish I could find the vlog where she mentioned that her "reward" (not fucked up at all) after each operation was a ham bap. Literally a plain roll with butter and ham and called it the best thing in the world, she craves it regularly so no wonder she's itching for another op. Imagine having such a bland palette
I also find her obsession with operations extremely odd.

Also... working on this project for a year? Does she mean she bought the iPad a year ago, or downloaded procreate? Bc we all know she’s just decided 3 weeks ago to launch a business, hence buying a load of tat for the office ‘renovation’, before she was happy enough with a desk in her living room. Hardly a small business owner preparing for launch.

Honestly, she just jumps from one obsession to the next - I’m in pain I have gallstones - hair transformation - launching a small business! Next up: moving to Manchester!


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Now she’s saying that the doctors are 95% sure it’s endo adhesions but before she was saying they were 90% sure she had gallstones! What is her obsession with endo she’s been talking about it for years
I believe she is talking about pain today because she didn't get to "redesign" her merch.
And at this point she is just using her supposed pain as an excuse.

Also, some years ago I was really ill, didn't know why, and among other things, the doctors discovered by accident during an MRI that I had edo, AN MRI! how come she had one already and the "doctors don't know for sure?" it's beyond me (and please, I understand some types of endo can be worse than others, but still she should have it written by now if it was endo)
(I went to so much pain and suffering that time, and oh so many surgeries, much needed surgeries not elective ones)

I almost believe that if her pain is real, her called adhesions could be scars from her surgeries? I dunno is not like she took the best recovery care after all.


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I know it's not the be all and end all but if she maybe ate more fruit and veg and actually went outside daily for fresh air she may find it helps!

Also didn't someone say she was intolerant to gluten, wheat etc?! Cus all I've seen is her eating this type of stuff so if that's even true then she'll be making it worse anyway

I'm definitely not saying pain doesn't exist but I do know from experience that diet and lifestyle can sometimes drastically improve things


Edited to add - I just checked her floors (on ig) and they are mostly "wood" with some rugs so you'd definitely see the crap even more??!!! Ewwwwwww
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