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Report any users that go against our rules on sending hateful, abusive or aggressive messages to influencers.
Right guys... Gabbie wrecks my head as much as the next person but some of the things you have been DMing her is really really horrible. I'm not condoning her behaviour but she is clearly going through something really serious (whether it's mentally or physically). She's clearly struggling but trying to keep up appearances.
Some things you've sent her, calling her vile and a bitch etc is really unnecessary. If you insist on messaging her to call her out could it be done in a better way?
Honestly, as bad as gabbie is, some of the stuff you send her is really really hurtful. I just don't think it's needed and she's right to block you. Keep your ranting to tattle and out of her inbox, she doesn't need it. I'm sure she's wrestling with her shittyness on her own (stored in a box somewhere with Nellie's!).


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well it was for e e cummings, haha. Not suggesting I’m as wordy or creative like him 😂 I just can’t be arsed when I’m on twitter usually, and messaging friends. Don’t know why Gab does it but it’s mostly laziness for me.
But if you use an iPhone like Gob it literally does it automatically. So she’s gone through the effort to change the settings on her phone so that it just types in lower case. I’m sorry but anyone that is arsed enough about ‘aesthetic’ as a grown adult needs a fucking hobby 😂


Did a bit of an experiment. I have 2 accounts- a food one and my normal one. On my food account I pulled her up on her lack of social distancing and was blocked in under a minute.

On my main account I sent her a get well message and got no reply. She doesn’t give a shit about anyone being nice to her, and probably never replies to her followers.
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