FYI thread titles don't need to rhyme or be long

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Just a quick note to say when suggesting a thread title they don't need to rhyme or be long. Something topical and funny is often best - just one or two words can still work great.

I know some feel the thread names are getting a bit long just for the sake of a rhyme and losing whit.

It makes it a bit difficult to find different threads if so many have long titles. It depends on the thread - sometimes a long one is appropriate.

Anyhow I hope that makes some sense. Do let me know what you think.
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I don't mind the rhyming titles but I agree, its not necessary all the time and sometimes they don't fit unless you go back and edit the title.
Awh I quite enjoy the rhyming titles, though I haven't been witty enough to come up with one so far šŸ˜Œ
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I think some of the rhyming titles try too hard and come across cringey. Short and sweet is best.
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I really like them, I donā€™t think it should be a necessity but I enjoy them and I enjoy trying to make them rhyme :)
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