Freddy My Love #4 Cheap mess of pink decor, it's like Versailles ducked a dollar store

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She is so judgemental, in love with herself and thoroughly unlikeable. I could barely get through that tips video 🙄😅

Rather than just say she doesn’t like to wear something herself, why does she have to condemn it as hideous and vile. Who actually watches these videos and takes them to heart? They’re hardly practical. Can you imagine Freddy having a real job, rushing out of the house in the rain in the morning, hopping on a jam packed tube among all the Jeans-wearing peasants 😂
She is just a spoiled brat who has nothing to do all day but play dress up and she has the cheek to say she's busy. The tips are the same old tips she's done in the past 3/4 years. We get it Freddy, you hate black tights, think knee high boots are the epitome of fashion and hate getting your "perfect" hair wet. Basically her latest videos are the same recycled script of the past couple of years - haul week, sponsored farfetch luxury "must haves", birthday video, wardrobe/clearout and autumn "tips". Next month will be dedicated to Black Friday so she can profit off those impressionable teens who will buy those items she cannot live without but will sell on depop in a hot minute.

She wants to brag that she's busy because she's getting invited to events again and she wants to brag about it to her audience so that they are envious of her "glamorous lifestyle".


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I can't believe she thinks this image looks elegant or classy, honestly her whole flat just screams 'tacky' to me. But I mean, so does wearing shorts with knee high boots, so at least it's on brand for her.
I love shorts with overknee boots but my taste is the opposite of hers. And I love watching Freddy, she always reminds me why rose gold should never ever be invented. It screams under the radar while everybody wearing it thinks it is classy. Why not just go with yellow gold? You are not five and can live without pink even trinkling down to your jewelry.
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Ok listeeeen. I'm also against shoes in the house, but who picks a carpet you have to hoover every day to go in a HALLWAY. Practical, Freddy hasn't heard of her at all.
I knew when she did the carpet installation video that this would be a disaster. Who would choose off-white carpet for highly trafficked areas of the home? Just plain stupid.


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Reminds me of those stuffed deer heads hunters proudly display above their fireplace. It's so morbid.
At least the deer are shot by whoever lives there. This is a stuffed animal on a wall. Why does she love stuffed animals so much that they are even taking over her walls? Those feathers look like a plumeau. She has seen beauty and the beast. She must know that you use those to get rid of dust, not to collect more dust on a place that would otherwise not be dusty at all.
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