Fopperholic #14 Stretching her selfies and lashes soaked in spit

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I'd go mad if I was Chris posting that morning pic of them all. It's really not a good photo of Chris at all but knowing Nikki she would only check if she looked ok and probably put a few filters on herself and stretched her face as per usual
He had been working away and more than likely living the high life, drinking and eating whatever the hell he liked 😂. She said he had got back late the night before, so probably had very little sleep 😴 I guess he would have wanted to see the boys, but in true Nikki fashion it’s all about her and her need to get out and do stuff for herself. Why she can’t just do quiet family days, from time to time is beyond me!


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Has anyone commented and it been deleted yet? Not seen anything.
It’s still there and I can’t see any comments calling her out on it. Yes we know babies cry in the car. Some babies cry as soon as they are put in the car seat- it’s the taking a selfie for Instagram I have the problem with while he’s crying. If the car moving soothes him - then put the phone down and drive. Instagram, selfies and her image comes first in her world and this photo just proves it


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Please tell me the person who’s commented saying she’s never seen such a dedicated mum is being sarcastic? Anyone with half a brain can tell that motherhood just isn’t for her. It doesn’t come naturally to everyone and it is difficult but most of us don’t broadcast it for all to see. What concerns me most is the things she’s showing are probably the best of a bad bunch so I dread to think how she acts with them when she’s not filming it for social media.


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I think that is what confuses me so much about them. Why do they have to go out all the time?? It's nice to just have a lazy day and play inside. Especially if your baby isn't feeling well. Especially if the weather is crappy, why do you want to drag not 1 but 2 babies out in the cold and rain?? If it's a necessity then fair enough but if it's just because you need to film something for your "video blog" 🙈 then that is just wrong! And it's not like they're doing anything fun or interesting, it's just another soft play/farm place 🙄
Exactly. You've been acting like he's been shot 4 times in the legs with a semi automatic with the bleating on about the injections.

If he is indeed that poorly, give the kid a break and let him chill at home. Especially when he's not seen his dad for a week.

Family chill and hug time is invaluable.

But nooooooo dick dome needs to get dolled up and prance about somewhere to get content for her shitty SM.

She's utterly vile.
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