Fleur DeForce #4 Fleur De Farce, she only apologised cos she got caught on holiday

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I was gutted that Fleur wasn't featured in this article this morning.
Interesting quote from this article:
With scrutiny of the reality stars intensifying, Trending Travel, a holiday company that specialises in using celebrities to advertise, said it had been forced to stop posting anything featuring influencers.

Its chief executive, Keith Herman, said the company had advised about 15 influencers it works with, and who are in Dubai, against posting at the moment.

“Most have listened to us,” he said. “We’ve told them the world has changed over the last two weeks, you’ve got to be more sensitive to who is seeing your posts.” In their defence, he said, some had contracts to honour and were inexperienced. But he added: “Morally they should just lie low at the moment.”


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I was gutted that Fleur wasn't featured in this article this morning.
I'm not surprised, they would much rather go for the easy targets like love Island low rent influencers and not risk a backlash.

When the much more interesting story is someone that's held in high regard and knows better.


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Ahh Ree always trying to hang around the youngsters hoping to be relevant, what about talking about you "friend" breaking the rules and being a selfish bitch, why they keep tagging peloton as the brand would give a shit they don't need paid advertising
Who’s to say it’s the sweaty sheen of exercise, maybe it’s the cold sweats of someone who know they got caught or even... the covid sweats...


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Look, to be clear, she didn't break the law. There is a difference between guidance and law. It is NOT illegal to travel in the lockdown. Misguided yes, illegal no.
Don't understand what you thought you would gain by white knighting for Fleur.

Anyways, anybody with half brain can look at what govts are doing and know they are failing at their response. So yeah maybe traveling isn't illegal but thats because those govts aren't doing what they should be to contain this.

My mom got covid because she is a Healthcare worker in a state that truly hasn't done anything. So because that govt hasn't made anything "illegal" people did whatever they wanted and ignored the well being of others and people like my mom suffered for it. My mom luckily survived but I personally know others that lost loved ones due to others negligence. I have friends that are nurses and doctors begging people on every platform possible to stay home because they have zero beds at their hospitals and they are mentally, emotionally, and physically depleted watching this virus and what it does every day.

I have said this a million times already but its peak privilege to travel to resorts at this time and not mind putting the people like hotel and airport staff at risk just so someone like Fleur can lay out at a pool. Who is going to pay for the treatment if someone on the hotel staff gets covid? They don't have Fleur's kind of money. They don't have Fleur's access to healthcare.

So please don't sit there thinking you are high and mighty because you can point out what is and isn't technically illegal. Attitudes like that is what keeps this pandemic going.


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Nothing is stopping anyone on this thread from travelling! You may choose not to but if it's not illegal you can't necessarily berate others for doing so.
Morals babes, morals
People are dying
Hospitals are overrun
There is a pandemic???

Had to have a little chuckle to myself that we got a face shot of her on the peloton this morning... 👀 🤣

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oh she’s reading here 🤣
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If she was reported then breaking guidance and not the law is not a 'technicality' - it is literally the difference between being legal and illegal, lol. Not here to pass judgement on whether or not it was the right thing to do. Just here to make it clear because a lot of people don't realise that the guidance isn't the law.

And masks are useless btw
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