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Hi all,

I know this probably isn’t the place but I don’t know anyone in real life who has experienced this...

I’m due to have a laparoscopy soon to treat endometriosis. They will also perform a dye test at the same time to check for blockages etc.

Has anyone had this? Recovery? Side effects etc?

Thank you
Hi! Stage 4 checking in.

I've had a few different things thus far, including Laparoscopic and open surgery.

I'll be short and sweet, but feel free to press if you've got more questions or send a message if you prefer. My recovery was really good, during my time in the hospital it was a little rough (from the open surgery rather than keyhole), but the best advice I have is thus:

Listen to your doctors and nurses, even if it seems like you don't want too. They'll ask you to move - do it, they'll ask you to drink lots of water - do it.

But on the same vein, if you feel something isn't right, question it. You know you best.

Otherwise, its been a year and a half, I do still get a lot of pain, but my case was quite complicated and there's a lot more I need to have done to be "me" again. But the surgery definitely helped immensely!

I hope this helps a tiny bit, I am sure you're in good hands :)
I’m due to have this procedure really soon! Had my pre-op but not my surgery date. I’m the same as I don’t know anybody who has had it done either 🙁