Favourite blogs to read?

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I feel like there's a lack of good blogs these days, does anyone have any recommendations? Anything mum, lifestyle, wellness etc. I love Hannah Gale and Little Snippets!
I used to love reading a good blog and feel like more people have moved to just Instagram and YouTube lol.
I really miss blogs too. I remember discovering them in 2012 and loving them so much, particularly ones with a smaller following that were a bit more relatable. I used to read Lily loves Lola all the time and a blog called Cupcakes & Cherries as they were both based nr Leeds which is where I am. I also liked Amy Antoinette and A Rosie Outlook (I think she still blogs actually!)
It's like when we were all children and we all wrote diarys .. I'm sure I had one in the year 2000 and wrote hardly anything in it.
I write a blog just about what's happened in my life as I found it was a good way of getting everything out my head.