Faces by Grace #34 Sittin in de jac-u-zeeeee, even with me scabby geeeee

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Little recap for anyone who’s missed out.
Did an ad for foreo skincare which she “absolutely loves” and costs over €400 cause ya know it’s such a barg! Another dull ad she did was for haribo jellies and her favourite was the jellie rings cause her engagement ring doesn’t fit anymore so she just replaced it with that for now while she waits to see if she’s gifted a new one. Manky fingers crossed for you grace! 🤞🏽🤞🏽 Went to Wexford Sunday/Monday cause “it’s me happy place” stayed for what seemed like a whole day then came back home with just crisps left the kids with nanny Anne cause ya know “I needed some me time and me gee was ah me.”Cara wrecked the garden but the thing is always looking in bits anyway so why not just blame the dog for her being a lazy slob! Kids back home after 2 days with nanny and puts up an emosh post about how much she loves her kids and loves watching them grow everyday but basically turned into a post about hay hay!


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Are they using a fecking picture of aoibhe devlin? 😭😂😂
I wasn't sure!! Now it was in the bio that they like to get wet 🤣🤣🤣 and there were some photos I reported it for nudity and I can't see any bio link or photos now.

It's is Aoibhe's photo! Best part they follow 80 accounts and she is one of them

Shes always filming sitting down. She's such a sloth.
This!! Sitting down complaining about the dog wrecking the garden.
A) you hyped the poor thing up with that stupid pool in an enclosed space
B) walk the bloody thing not just occasionally when it suits you, Every Day!
C) How is the dog park going??? Been back since?

And totally off topic who won the ghd?
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