Eve Bennett

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so no thread on her so started one

i have watched eve on and off for a few years and she has just become so up her self since being at oxford
when she got in it was quite obvious she felt superior to the other girls who did not get in ( jade and ruby)
but i feel like she films such an unrealistic view of uni life as some one who has done degrees etc

i dont know i just think feel like she comes across as thinking shes better then others and i just find things she does anoyying i just dont like her :\ anyone else feel the same ?
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She’s just showing her own privilege more and more, her videos are not enjoyable anymore because of this
also i really dont get why shes so defensive around sharing if shes dating like i feel like younger viewers might take that the wrong way whats so bad about sharing who your with i dont get it persoanlly :\ no difrent to sharing it on fb its still on the internet