Erica Jones giving birth to a silicone baby

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Hi good people of the internet ,
In my suggestions today was a video with reborn dolls. I've heard of them before,but this lady takes it to a new level. Theres 3videos from her giving birth to one?!?!

And then countless videos of her feeding them ,she's got full nursery and is just over the top .what do you think ?? Also the comments were alll weird. What happened ?has she lost her own babies?is she fully ok?id be worried if my daughter behave in such way
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I just don't understand this at all, so confused . It's a tad strange but each to their own. She isn't harming anyone I guess. I'm trying to be open minded but at the same time I'm like wtf 😊
Theres a lady local to me who pushes one of these round in a pram and treats it like a real baby. Her real baby was unexpectedly still born a few years ago and it all stems from that. It's really sad to see someone so desperate to mother something, anything. However i would like to think if I ever was in that position my family or friends would try and get me help. Easier said than done maybe in some cases thou.
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Yeah there was a lady who lived round to my aunties who lost her baby. She had a doll. Her husband left and everything. It’s an awful situation to be in.

Some people do enjoy role play though.