Emilynoel83- Emily Eddington Dihle

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Just making a thread for her since one wasn't here yet!

I've been following her for around 7-8 years and I found she taught me a lot in the beginning and she was like a role model to me in a lot of ways. I still think she's a great person with only good intentions, but I think she's gotten really boring with her makeup looks; they're all the same.

I know she has some products with MUR but I haven't spent the money, even though in the past I may have supported her more in those endeavors.

I also sadly can't relate to her much anymore since every vlog is all about her kids. I understand that's what your life becomes, but I do miss how she was before. And these days it seems like as much as she LOVES the mom life I think deep down she misses her teenage years and she carries around a lot of nostalgia.

I think she deserves all her success, she's been plugging at it for a lot longer than it takes others to reach 1 million.

What do you think will happen with her from here on out?
Ok I just decided to look into her a bit today because a video popped up, and I haven't really thought of her in a long time. I am subscribed, but I really never watch her videos any more ....not since probably her first kid. Nothing against her really...I just wasn't seeing a style I was looking to emulate and I don't necessarily need the product reviews like I used to. But, I decided to snoop and look up her husband, and I am a bit confused. The way she talked (nad how the boards said he brought all the money), I thought he was some big corporate law attorney working on M&As or something. He is a personal injury attorney, and it's not like he's at some mega firm in a big city where he is partner, so I don't quite get it. Like hopefully her channel brings in money still because with 3 kids, they likely need 2 incomes (although at least they live modestly).