Emily Canham #8 she has the personality of a really really thin.. cucumber

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She has no talent, she is using fake beauty and failed attempt sexy dances to get successful in life. Aw.🥲 tik tok is her life at 23+

Seriously though, what is HER thing? What is she good at? What is her passion? What does she want to be in life?

We watch her do day to day things, but i still don't feel like i can get to know her? I don't know what she likes, hates, what are her morals. I know absolutely nothing of this girl.

Lies to get attention

Thats all i know of her
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Im watching her tiktoks now and she has gotten so skinny (i dont mean to offend anyone but in my opinion people look good with a bit of a healthy amount of fat on them, i know shes trying to be all body "goals" but unless she's trying to be twiggy im not getting it) and also her tiktok saying she was thriving in lockdown 1... what? i remember she was saying how she was struggling so much then, she stopped posting at all and was saying how hard things were for her... now she was thriving... more lies! And if she was thriving then its even sadder James left for California


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Also weird how jakes gf leah said she would do only fans. She had no money, desperate for some sort of fame & loved emily canham, and also got in contact with jake first. Yes hun your using him 1000%
I used to think they were a genuine couple but recently they’ve started to annoy me. All their videos are about their sex life and it’s just boring. Wow, you have sex...big deal 🙄 also, I do agree with you that Leah is using Jake. It’s a bit odd to be a fan of someone and then go out with their ex and then create a couples YouTube channel. But the more I watch them the more I get the ‘ick’ from Jake 🤢 talking and laughing with his mouth full of food, burping in Leah’s face and her saying he has stinky breath, vom.

I hate to say it but I do actually feel sorry for Emily right now. Like I’ve said previously, it can’t be easy for her to see her ex have a really sexual, close relationship with another girl while her boyfriend is thousands of miles away and they probably haven’t been intimate for the past 6 months. She probably thought Jake would always be her fallback guy too because he was SO obsessed with her when they were together. I think the last year has made her realise she needs more than her looks to get her by in life.
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