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9 months of mentioning she is pregnant constantly. And now she has to tell is she is overdue every hour on the hour.
For someone who has constantly moaned about nausea, idegestion and generally feeling 'big', I've not seen her eat anything remotely healthy, this week has been pub meals, take aways and junk food again. She really is quite a neurotic attention seeker who treats pregnancy as an excuse rather than something natural. Once this baby arrives, Leo will probably be at her parents house and she will do the absolute minimum she can with the baby and in the house. Social media and eating junk is the only thing she will prioritise


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I'm thinking possible Colby or Carter?
What ever little ones name is, I really hope she's going to concentrate on being a mum and put IG on a back burner for a while. Little Leo has very much been left to himself or his grandparents for the last few months, when Clint is working, Ellie clearly struggled with just doing general daily tasks but clearly was always OK to take selfies of film for IG. Now with a new born, selfies and IG shouldn't be her priority, those 2 little boys deserve HER full attention.


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I agree, I really hope newborn life is a wake up call to her that both her boys need her and that she has not been very “present” at all in Leo’s life for the past 6 months. Every pregnant woman is allowed occasional off-days where they take it easy, but I think I can count on one hand the amount of times she actually did something engaging with Leo.
She was spoilt really in having him still attend preschool while school age children were being homeschooled, and abusing the childcare bubble system (when she had no legitimate reason to require childcare as she doesn’t work any more) by using her parents as on call baby sitters. She had so much time to herself to rest, the days where he was home with her she really had no excuse but to focus on him. Considering she has been entirely healthy the whole pregnancy (no I’m not counting heartburn from constantly eating take away and McDonald’s as any kind of health issue Ellie) - some women are battling serious complications and still parent their other children well.


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She's obviously got some plan for revealing the babies name but I do know it and it is one of the ones mentioned here.
She is desparate for attention, so will probably drag it out as long as possible. It's interesting that 2 of the other accounts I follow on IG have also had babies within the last week, they're still posting but not as often, which I'd expect from someone with a new born, I get the feeling Ellie is going to be very different. I really hope I'm wrong, but I think we may just get more of what she's been posting for the past few months, rather than her just resting and prioritising home life.
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