Dre Rooney

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instagram Drerooney06
Irish blogger, just poses and travels . Go get a real job

Her latest photoshoot , she along with alot of others don't go by Covid guidelines
She has them tagged , look at their stories .
Tiny shop full of people .


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Not much happening in this thread, not much goss on her? 🤷🏼‍♀️
I used follow her when she was with that chap off Ex on the Beach? Take it they ain't no more? I actually think she's stunning. Loved her red hair tho...
Hate the way she puts on a fake posh accent, yet she’s not that well spoken at all👀
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I'd never heard tell of her till she popped up on a so sue live one night. I don't even think she could go that colour dripping gold. More like the stuff body builders use. She has a cracking figure but it's all to much
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