DLAM - Dress Like a Mum


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I don't understand how this one manages to fly under the radar so well?
One of the biggest shills on the gram with absolutely no morals. Terrible at being honest with declaring any ads, trys to sell you any old shit if she's getting freebies or paid for it with no worries for integrity and believes just because she doesn't share her kids names on the gram that using them to make content and sell even more shit is morally OK. Let's not even start on how over entitled she is which comes a long with a stinking sense of being over privileged 🙄🙄🙄 she drives me insane.
I assume she has some sort of connections in the industry. Her engagement is dreadful but yet is gifted stuff from reasonably high end brands. She defo has pals in high places.

never declares anything she’s been gifted. I’ve reported her to the ASA previously, they aren’t interested at all


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I’ve reported her to ASA as well and nothing came of it. I think she flies under the radar most of the time because as @Exhaustednurse says, her engagement is very poor. It really is a complete mystery how she gets involved with these brands. She got #gifted a Mercedes for a year at one point (HOW?!). But more to the point who are the morons buying her cheap, tacky, overpriced, own branded tat? She stinks of privilege, is thick as pigshit and she’s totally tone deaf.



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I saw a pair of sandals on a website that were in sale that I liked very much, but wi was put off when I realised she had been gifted a pair when I looked at her account a couple of days ago.


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Clemmie Hopper - I like it - the House of Hopper. Didn’t DLAM post about her ‘local homeless guy’ a few times or was that Budget Clemmie?
budget Clemmie 😉

Loooool what a cop out, in not doing it publicly she protects her racist mate at the expense of making progress (progress being a clear message that racism isn’t acceptable?!). Revolutionary 🙄
this is why i hate it when these Instagramers jump on important issues ..its all about them and how good they think it makes them looks, then thank you...next onto the next cause.

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