Dispelling Common Rumours

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How about a thread to dispell common Rumours?

I'll start with "Apple don't gift to influencers". They 1000% do! They spend hundreds of millions in marketing, no way are they just going ignore one segment. They maybe more selective than Samsung who gift their products out to people that will never use them beyond an AD, but they gift a lot and have been for many years.

"Apple doesn't need to advertise"
Yes Apple do need to spend on adverts, else they wouldn't bother doing all they do. Their product range gets ever more lacklustre each year and with hardware sales falling they've put up the apple tax even higher to try to recoup.


Good thread idea. I do wonder when Apple will be eclipsed by another company at some stage.


Good thread idea. I do wonder when Apple will be eclipsed by another company at some stage.
Apple really aren't that popular in India and China, something like 3% market share. Getting less and less in the UK.

I won't buy another mbp. They're all in on services and let's see how that pans out with all the streaming wars. The apple arcade looks decent, but I waste enough time on my android phone so I'll just ignore games all together rather than put up with annoying ads and micro transactions. Maybe this should have been an apple thread
Sorry to be off topic but I think it’s vaguely interesting. This my area and those billboards have just been taken down after years.it turns out people live in flats behind and the landlord sold their natural light off. How gross is that ? Especially grim as some tenants were placed
there by the council and didn’t have a choice

Ok back on topic. What springs to mind first is the kind of stuff you hear as a kid that I always thought didn’t sound true.

‘You only use a tiny portion of your brain.’ I also heard that Einstein was able to activate a larger part. But I always thought it made no sense for us to evolve a brain we can’t use.

Another I’ve just realised is quite similar is that ‘daddy long legs have the most deadly venom in the world they just can’t access it.’ I believed that one for a minute when I was about 12. False.

And you can’t generally see the great wall of China from space other than in radar imagery.
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