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I used to follow him but I think I stopped when he started posting loads about mental health. Just had a quick look and there are some rather odd posts on his page. :oops:

What were you going to say about him?
Just wanted to see what others thought about him.
I feel for him really, as his message about losing weight/health is a great one and he does know what he’s talking about but I just find his posts/stories swinging from trying to promote his plan (which does look great but is expensive) to wildly unprofessional. I think he’s a tad jealous of Joe Wicks’s success but he doesn’t really send out the same kind of consistency and “professionalism”.

I’d love to know why his book deal fell through.
No I absolutely agree with you. I really like Dan and have followed him a long time (initially on Twitter). But he does have issues with his mental health which he's been open about and sometimes I think it effects his judgement in what he posts. It's a shame because like you say his message is a good one and he's a genuinely good guy.
Not checked him out for a while and just looked. I see what you mean. 😳

Wonder what happened with his book?
Something happened and he lost the book deal but he had to sign a NDA about it all. He started unraveling, split with his wife and lost his dogs, then posted a video where he was bankrupt and homeless, then disappeared for months.

He reappeared, having moved back to his parents house, whom he’d talked about before to say that he’d had an awful childhood with them. Apparently he’d had a mental breakdown and lost everything.
He started shagging around and being rather vulgar, using Instagram as a pick up joint and smoking weed every night, proclaiming that he was on the up and things were going great.

A couple of weeks ago, he got kicked out of his parents house and was homeless yet again, with only enough money for a few days but somehow wound up staying at a pub with a “world class chef” eating gourmet food every night, adamant that he’d have nothing to do with his parents again.

Fast forward a few days and he’s back at their house, and asking people for donations to make up packs for homeless people. He got hundreds of pounds, made a few packs and handed them out, and is now stuck at home ill with several infections and grounded by his parents, after getting the arse because a few people mentioned that getting a COVID test might be a good idea.

And throughout all of this, he’s expecting people to spend their hard earned cash to sign up to his coaching plan 🙈
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What's his user name now? I stopped following him again because it was the same bollocks over and over again. 😂

Oh wait it's the thread title.. just looked. Jesus. I hope he has friends or family who are looking out for him. He's going to get himself in trouble.