Daddy to Triplet Girls & Mumma to Triplet Girls #3


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New thread for daddy_to_triplet_girls and mumma_to_triplet_girls (aka, greedballys)
Thanks to @Dogwithabone for the most voted title (had to shorten it though)!

Feel free to lynch me if i did the thread wrong 😂 (not sure how to edit the thread icon)

And if its your first time here, they do have more kids despite their insta handles!
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I actually feel so sad.those poor kids are all excited because of the spider and instead of their parents enjoying this moment of their excitement, they have their phones in front of their face. These girls won’t know what they look like without half of their face hidden by a camera before long. Did you see one of the twins nearly got Lottie in a headlock aswell 🙄 and saying no to the plant pot or I’ll tickle you, how about putting your phone down and explaining to your child why she shouldn’t pick it up and how she could hurt herself if she drops it instead of saying you’ll tickle her you greaseball


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This idiot is trying to make a career out of Instagram by selling his kids on a daily basis. This post is just doesn’t even make sense. How can this prick call himself an influencer 🤦🏻‍♀️ We don’t watch adverts made by halfwits and we don’t read books by illiterates yet this twat posts shite every day that doesn’t make sense!! Their sheep are pathetic and make me despair of the world 😂



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Oh god it's all too much, Mrs Twat running up the stairs with phone ready to film the kids and spider which Mr twat is already filming 😢

Why just why, those poor girls have such a crap life in front of a camera, I think all parents have experienced the spider or fly moment 😂 where we get on the floor with them and enjoy the moment, but not these f'ing imbeciles they just film it.

Grabally kids I'm so sorry you all have such shit parents, their day will come, karma will catch up with them. 😢


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We know you love the towns more than Lottie Alex but no need for this or to poss off us Tattle ppl
Playing it cool there look scared and confused

Lottie looks lost and you end up putting the crying laughing emoji.

Your awful father to Lottie. We all see it on here.
Bond with the girl. She is smart she is lovely. She wants you to show her some love now she no longer the baby of the family.


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did she post the spider story from her camera i didnt see? She (charlotte) looked pissed off that alex got to the camera first


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Anyone watched the stories on their home account shopping for Tiles? Lottie is under the pram and literally reaches her hands out for Charlotte and she blanks it and goes into Jimmy. In the next story you still see Lotties hands up. My heart is breaking for that little girl. If they continue giving jimmy all the attention these four kids are going to grow up disliking him which is so unfair