Daddy Hew

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Who is this Daddy Hew?? He thinks he’s some sort of influencer?? Ordering his kid to cook...we call all tell our kids ‘repeate after me’ joker!
I quite like him and mummy.hew. They seem so much more real than the other “insta-couples” and don’t seem to be doing it for freebies etc.
But I always skip past the cooking videos...
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So in your previous post ‘I can’t be doing with him or mummy hew’ well then why do you continue to watch everything they post and then watch their ‘pointless live’ maybe you should get yourself a life and stop commenting pointless bullshit because clearly no one cares.
And maybe while your watching there pointless stories you may care to pay attention that they went on holiday for a wedding, not a gifted holiday.
Clearly your life is so bleeping tit you have to comment on other peoples good lifes. These two work damn hard for every penny they earn. So next time get your facts right before you start writing tit on these stupid pointless lifeless sites.
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I have to say I really like this couple! One of the few genuine Insta couples.
They put a lot of time and effort in to their kids and they’re always dressed well and clean and they seem a very happy family. What’s to moan about?