Curly Girl Method

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Hiya! Anyone use the CG method??? I’ve read up about it loads but still don’t really understand 🤯. Anyone willing to share what/ how/ is it worth it and their own personal stories using it?

Thanks! X
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I tried to follow it but too many rules!! I really struggle with my hair too, have tried every product under the sun but most seem to make hair really heavy and greasy and crunchy or soft and frizzy - no inbetween, drives me insane.

Best product I have found so far is the TGI curl amplifier but again, as always with curly hair, every wash day is different and some days it doesn't work at all and makes it horrid. Soo fed up
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I thought I’d give you a bit of detail around my experience as if you go against the CGM you can get “told off” by the experts lol.

I initially started it last year in March and the results at first were awful. I looked scruffy and messy / mix of textures of waves but I carried on as ultimately I thought it would be better for my hair to go “natural”

After a few months my technique / results got better and I had “better hair days” than before but after Paying £120 for a “curly girl haircut” in September that I really shouldn’t have done and seriously can’t justify I think it pissed me off and I really questioned whether all this effort and money was worth it. I started reverting back to shampoo and using non CG Products (creams, gels) to get better results but after day 2 my hair would still look scruffy and I felt massively self conscious that I would be going to work looking like i was. I would have lovely shiny waves the day after deep conditioning but if I deep conditioned more than once a week my hair goes too mushy and then I need to put protein back into it. It was a constant battle. Too much moisture / protein etc

My hair has grown 5 inches since starting. Do I think the condition has improved? No. Its grown yes, but It’s still the same texture as it was before March last year. My hair would take 4 hours at least to dry on its own when I was doing it and I was planning my life around my hair. I Would cancel things if I knew my hair would need washing as I just wouldn’t have the time during the rest of the week. If I kept my hair in a bun after day 2 my hair would get so matted that I would cry In the shower whilst pulling out large clumps of hair.

2 weeks ago I decided the test the water and blow dry it straight. Once I took it out of the towel my hair (which was pretty much dry after an hour after coming out of the shower) my hair wasn’t even curly - It dried 80% straight just frizzy

When I would “curl”’my hair id get 2b hair. I blow dried my hair straight which took me about 10 minutes and it’s been super soft, shiny and light. It’s given me a confidence boost because I feel really “well groomed”. I’ve decided that I might just switch up my hair for now and alternate depending on my mood but I very much doubt I’ll be going curly full time.

It’s a lot of effort, LOTS of trial and error, and isn’t easy. Although heat is obviously damaging - in comparison to using one small pump of serum in my hair when I blow dry straight which gives me good results for a week to make it curly I would be using LARGE handfuls of gel, smoothing creams just to try tame 60% of the frizz and I don’t think using that much product for your hair is any better.

I’m not trying to put you off, if you would like to improve the condition your hair - research lots and you’ll find really great tips and products that work. You don’t need to follow this method to necessary think it will reverse anything.

There are Facebook groups which don’t follow the CGM but follow the techniques and these are a lot less bitchy and more accommodating with questions and suggestions.

Hope this helps x
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I do it but have very curly hair. Ringlets. I just do a co-wash instead of shampoo and a hair mask conditioner thing for 5 minutes. Then when out the shower I put argan oil on it and wrap in a microfiber hair towel. Twice a week. That's it. I think the big difference is does your hair get greasy - mine just gets drier the longer I leave it. Have never had greasy hair in my life. But people do complain about it looking lank and greasy. I'm not in any fb groups either. Too scared! X
I do it but I don’t use all the approved products! My hair was a mess before it was so poofy and whenever I straightened it, within a day or two it would just go wavy. Before my hair was wavy but it’s really curly now, only bushing it with a wide tooth comb when covered in conditioner really helps and I sleep with my hair in a pineapple so it doesn’t end up really knotty or messy. The groups can be really dramatic with sticking to the rules so that’s really annoying, some people do really over complicate it when really you only need conditioner and a gel!
Hello! I haven't tried the CG method but I have transformed my hair over the last couple of years by making some super easy changes. I wash my hair with shampoo/conditioner as little as possible - no more than once a week. The rest of the time I just dampen it slightly in the morning and only ever touch/scrunch my hair using a t-shirt (never a towel!). When I do wash it I use Only Curls products (hydrating curl creme and the enhancing curl gel) which are AMAZING! If I have time I dry it using a diffuser otherwise I leave it completely soaking to dry naturally. I have recently started using olive oil hair creme when I dampen it in the mornings which is also great. And I never ever use a brush or comb on it.

My hair has totally transformed. I used to hate it and now I love it, mainly because it's so much easier to manage. I barely do anything with it!
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I was inspired to see if there was a CGM thread after discussion on Lily Pebbles’ thread (and how she quite obviously isn’t following it properly - not necessarily the “rules” of CGM but just how she isn’t doing the right things to get the best out of her hair!)

I have fine AF 2B hair and I’m looking to define my curls a bit more as I don’t use CGM approved stuff and brush my curls so they’re soft waves at the moment but after recently going back to bleach I’ve noticed my hair is frizzier. I’ve seen people using the Denman brush to define their curls. I’ve watched a few videos on how to use but wondered if anyone would say it’s worth it?
I have thick coarse wavy curly hair, the biggest change for me has been with my scalp as it no longer really dry. I do think my hair is in better condition as I was previously always straightening it, it would start to curl again quickly so it was an ongoing battle and my hair was as dry as sticks.

I don’t use sulphates but I will low poo, I have bought a few expensive products but most were a waste of money, so start off with cheaper products and see what works.

I get a Curlee box free from delivered every 2 months, is a great way to try new products, think is £28 every 2 months.
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I tried it but just ended up with very greasy hair. It was less frizzy but looked rank. I now use a non curly girl shampoo, for coloured hair, with a curly girl 'safe' conditioner. Originally I was using a Superdrug own brand (possibly ,Essentials?) but haven't been able to get hold of it for ages so I'm currently using a cheap one from Asda (Alberto something, costs about 89p).
I have a much better result from this combo. My hair still gets very frizzy at times though which is a frustration.
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