Covid 19 - The Humour Thread

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Now that I have the powers to start threads, here is my first, funny how I was given these magical powers just after I suggested having this thread.

Starting with this! more to follow.

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I like the idea of the thread, but wonder if anyone else likes the idea of it being apolitical? Else it might just vere into cheap shots
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It's hard when the butt of the joke's are politician's but I get what your saying..I'm more focusing on the liar and cheat aspect other that than the Con/lab etc...

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My partner sends me these haha. I'm not sure if they're not clean enough for posting, so if I've flouted any rules sorry!
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I've barely been on tattle lately lol but a just know I'm gonna become addicted to checking this thread 😂



my own custom made one about Fopperbollox (influencer that has a thread on here if you dont know who the fuck she is) 😂

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