Courtney Stodden

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I always felt so bad for her. I saw that she has officially divorced Doug Hutchison. I can't believe she married him while she was 16 and he was 50. So gross and how were her parents ever ok with it? The poor girl. She says herself she was groomed and verbally abused for the past number of years.

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I liked Courtney when she was on CBB and she seemed very likeable, sweet, maybe even a little naive but I wonder if that's just part of the persona for the cameras. Maybe she doesn't know any other way to be.

It's very hard to empathise with someone who lies about a miscarriage just for sympathy, or even a way of generating money (not sure how - only they know what it was - but I assume some tabloids pay for stories if they collude with celebs). Doug maintained they were both dirt-poor then, but it's still a pretty low thing to do and means both of them lack credibility.

In saying that, she's young, and we all make mistakes growing into adulthood, but her behaviour is about attention and keeping that showbiz z-list train rolling, for what it is.

The fact that she's on the (I assume, as I've never seen it) soft pr0n OnlyFans site just makes it all that bit more tawdry and tragic.
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