Connie Simmonds #4 freebies galore, such a bore, get off your arse and do some chores

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She’s lucky to be able to chose whether Macie goes to nursery or not. Most of us have to work and have no option but to send our children to childcare.

Yeah it might be stressful for the first month or two while they settle in. Going to nursery would be far more beneficial for her development than sitting at home playing alone while Connie sits on her ass all day and complains.


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Why does she use her period as an excuse every month. She’d feel better if she dragged her ass of the sofa for once. If her periods are affecting her life (like she makes out) she needs to speak to a GP. The majority of us have periods, they are awful but we can’t just lie around and do nothing for a week/10 days a month!


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Her content is such a joke its just whining and ads and whining. For whatever reason Macie isn’t at nursery anymore why not do some content around that: prep for nursery, tips, an honest Q+A if it didn’t work out or she feels it wasn’t right for her. I mean, she bangs on about being a mum and Macie is all over her page but it’s just look at these shoes… wow!
She’s lucky to be able to chose whether Macie goes to nursery or not. Most of us have to work and have no option but to send our children to childcare.
But Connie has ThReE jObS, right?!

Nonsense. I don’t even follow her anymore. I just come here to read the mess so thank you Tattle friends.

Same thing every month. Something relating to her new found motivation for she’s working super hard at her laptop...MUA/counsellor/body positive guru/what else?...a reel showing some kind of ‘cooking’ which involves packet ingredients or mixing cooked ingredients together...Macie’s annoying her in some way purely for just being a 2 year old kid...oh darn she’s got her period so she’s incapacitated.

I mean that overwhelm wall was a joke.

Sorry Connie you’re a nice girl, we did go to school together but my feedback for you is above. Less of that and focus on one thing and cut out the monthly cycle moan. Good luck!

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She is becoming far too like Stacey Solomon who I can’t stand. Constant whining, very little productiveness and wading into topics without much clarity or direction. So today we have Connie trying to basically tell people how to dress their children but then backtracking because it turns out her own mother allowed her to wear bikinis and crop tops because they gave her padding for being an “early developer”?! I was an early developer but my mother, like most parents, made sure I was properly fitted for the right bra. Just because a bikini top has padding doesn’t mean it’s the right item. Many ladies swimming costumes have sizes for teenage girls. Connie needs to realise that just because she’s a mother doesn’t make her an oracle on parenting and frankly it’s down to the parent how they care for their child.
Eurgh she is literally shameless. & yet again “body positivity” blah blah blah but has to bring down another woman in the process 🙄

She isn’t 9/10 in the pictures she posted of herself so I don’t know why she’s making the Jade comparison in the same argument. What 9 or 10 year olds actually go out and buy there own clothes?!? She makes no sense.

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Jesus she was on form yesterday evening! “Remember my first training session?” Connie hun that’s the only other time you’ve been to netball other than the friendly so it was hardly a while ago and yet again you’re trying to use the period as an excuse. Seriously she needs to get a grip, having a period isn’t an illness and the majority of us continue to go to work, manage the house and work out. It’s absolutely pathetic. Not to mention taking a pop at a follower yesterday who questioned the cheese in her omelette. I’m sorry but yet again Connie behaved like a complete bitch there. Absolutely no need to bite that person’s head off and I’ve seen her reply far more politely to people who were actually rude. She needs to realise that if she insists on having a public profile, people will voice their opinions and it’s not fair to attack them when they do it in a constructive polite way.

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She has to be taking the piss today. Cleaning your home whilst doing work bits and childcare is EVERYDAY LIFE for most people but yet Connie thinks it’s more than she can do on the first day of period!!! She is actually beyond a joke, it’s absolutely pathetic that she thinks normal life needs to be paused because she is having her period. It’s NORMAL! Proper pissing me off with it.
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