Connie Simmonds #4 freebies galore, such a bore, get off your arse and do some chores

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COVID Connie strikes again. Pulling her mask down whilst in a train station and then posing on the platform without doubt trying to save her makeup 🙄 oh and then we have posing at the osteopaths with no mask on. Not to mention she keeps saying she feels ill but is very insistent she doesn’t have COVID. She shouldn’t really be out because she hasn’t done a test for days and can’t conclusively say she doesn’t have COVID


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I listened to her on #unfiltered life podcast and she literally did not stop talking. The host barely got any questions in! She said her and Ricky are 50/50 financially. She also mentioned the DNA test which was just hilarious - apparently her genetics prove she enjoys fatty foods more than other people and she finds it harder to lose weight than most people.
Also spoke about how she’s very strict about having time to herself and she is very strict with that 😂


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Her whole thing about going live and saying it’s amazing that 300 people joined in. When you look at it closely, for an “influencer”, (and I use that term very lightly) having only 0.46% of your followers watch your live that was planned well in advance is shocking !!!

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She’s still on about that cold! It will be back to the fitness life now after the netball game, then boom period, then the vaccine etc etc. It never changes. Another flat out day for her out for lunch and icecream in the sun
Came to say the same. She is boring- it’s the same week, same shit from Connie. I’ve lost count how many times Connie has restarted her fitness journey and made 0 progress. It annoys the hell out of me that she uses her period as an excuse to do absolutely sod all. It’s part of being a woman, her over it!
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