Colour Me Bootiful #6 I'm alive

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I can't get over her blaming those scourges on loose skin. Those are bacterial infections caused by not washing! Very common in those who don't wash their bras either 🤮 can you imagine how bad she smells. Imagine being a brand ambassador and a business owner and you're not even responsible enough to wash yourself. Dirty skank.
38DD and I only ever get anything resembling welts like that under my tits if I don’t keep them completely clean and dry, particularly in summer - or if I don’t wash straight after a sweaty work out!
Same applies for my (4 stone natural weightloss) mum tum over hang - keep yourself clean and you’ll not have to deal with these issues

She’s a dirty brute 😷


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Here we all get a bit of chub rub when its warm etc but jesus christ they only get that bad when you dont wash regularly or keep the areas clean and dry 🤔 i am by no means a small person or small busted but i can safely say my chub rub has never got to the point that it leaves scars.... Just steep yourself in dettol love and do us all a favour 🤢


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I can’t get over her pics she is must just consist of scars from all the surgeries that’s not a great picture for her daughter to see. It’s terrible to see she is just cut open pretty much from her chin down to her toes at this stage.


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Question to whoever says it was Kiera that released those texts. If that’s true why would she still be working there, and why would Toni blame her sister? I just find it hard to believe she’d let her away with that and still have her working in the salon. Wasn’t Kiera herself in bother too at the time?

Honestly it’s all a bit sad
Can’t imagine putting your body through all that pain and having a young family at home
What’s next new teeth a few toes and ribs removed
I thought the same. Imagine being so unhappy with the fillers that time to then go and get all this done! Madness


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Yes. She has just to pay for the next two
I think she means she had to pay for the 2 arms just

She's such a bad role model for her poor daughter.
I am a firm believer if something makes you unhappy fix it and as a person who also had a lot of excess skin myself it is really uncomfortable to live with. I just think the timing of the whole thing has just been so badly handled, going for selective surgery in the middle of a pandemic is just wrong on so many levels, she couid have waited a wee bit longer and not put her vulnerable family members at risk
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This girl has such a contradiction of self worth. It’s scary. She’s on one hand a serious narcissist. So overly confident and so self assured. Then on the other hand her body is botched, cut, chopped, scarred and forever damaged. Whilst she posts be yourself quotes. She actually scares me for how young girls and boys are going to view her posts. Parents need to become aware of their teenagers viewing her stories and thinking this is the only way to be happy in yourself.
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