Colour Me Bootiful #6 I'm alive

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They wer supposed d b in quarantine for 10 days out ther but they didn and went all over the place!! Let's c now if they do ther 10 days in isolation here ... doubt it


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Shes doing herself no favours, I recently had knee surgery here and I had to get tested then isolate until surgery and was told for my own health to isolate for at least a few days when I got home to stop the risk of infection the amount of surgeries she had over there she'd be even higher risk of infection 🙈


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Trying to justify saying “guys it was me that chose the paint colour”. Even so, if I chose a colour of paint and my husband or even my father painted the room for me, thinking “she’s going to be so delighted when she sees this”. And to see it posted on social media for everyone to see that it’s not like nor appropriated. That’s hateful and hurtful.


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Is this the girl who put fillers in her whos business she tryed to destroy?
Yes that's the one

Toni was banging on about the fillers not being “FDA approved”
Fucking FDA is the Food and Drug Administration which only applies in the US😂
She must’ve been watching too many Netflix films!!
Too busy researching plastic surgery prices abroad lol
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