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Hia, hope this is in the right forum!

Anyone else watch Clutterbug? I do love her - apart from the different "bug" organising styles, which I find a bit forced/artificial. And if you watch her for a while the same types of videos do keep getting repeated.

But what I was wondering was if anyone else had noticed a while back when she cancelled her weight loss surgery she said it was because some big opportunity came up job wise and she had to take advantage of that and we'd all hear about it soon. That was a fair few videos ago and nothing more's been mentioned.

Anyone else remember this or did I dream it! xD
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There is just so much organising you can do before it gets repetitive. I like Cas and all her stories at the end.

I think the TV thing is still in production, last I heard they were looking for filming locations.
I wish she could go to different people's houses and help them with organising more often. She did someone's kitchen recently which was a good video. This would keep her fresh and interesting even though the organising stuff is pretty much the same.

It's cool about the tv thing! I think she'd be good with her own show.