What does everyone think of her? Is it me or does she yawn all through her stories (saying that she hasn’t today) and play with her hair....😩😩😩😩

life is great

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I get that she is suffering from back pain, anxiety etc but I've recently had to stop watching her coz I was getting so fed up with her moaning all the time. She was actually making me yawn every time she yawns and I've got 3 kids one of whom doesn't sleep!!

life is great

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We all have our problems but I certainly don't go on Instagram to sit and moan about it every other day. I've noticed she constantly repeats herself like if she said something yesterday she will have to tell everyone the same thing the next day. Plus she goes into so much detail about taking tablets etc.
I absolutely hate the way she emphasises her Ks. WorKKK, BacKKK, MilKKK! She also swallows really loudly whenever she’s going to talk 😂she has a very lonely life it seems.
I thought that, she has no friends I’ve followed her for over a year and she’s been out once for a work do at Christmas, I admit I am not out every night but I have a husband and kids, but she only sees her mum and dad and her nan and the dog...


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Every time she shows her shopping hauls I’m shocking by the state of her home. It always looks such a mess! Dirty dishes everywhere and that toaster 🤢she needs to change her name! No clean queen from what I can see.

Also, how bad is her diet! All she eats is rubbish!


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I think she must have no friends with the amount of shite she documents on her stories, it’s like she has no one else to tell about her day? And I’ve never noticed her going out with mates etc.

Oh and if any of you want some (pretty weak) tea, she’s divorced to a man almost double her age, looks like she wasn’t married long and he moved on pretty swiftly..

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Just went to have a look and it was a Sheldon Cooper style "nope" from me fifteen seconds after she appeared.

I just can't with those eyebrows. Are they drawn on with a fucking Sharpie?!?


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I messaged her and said to her in the nicest way
If she was my friend in real life I would change the shape to make them look more nature
( if that isn’t nice I duno what is)

Got blocked

Like how does she walk in to her office and people take her serious ??
And her parents? Her family??

No one tells her she actually looks silly?


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I can’t stop looking at them ... what in God’s name posses her to think they look good 🤷🏽‍♀️ She must be the joke of the office 😲


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I can only watch her stories when she doesn’t have the eyebrows on.

She blocked me a while back when I messaged her telling her to be very careful driving on diazepam and strong painkillers. Especially when they made her so drowsy. I was really polite about it 🤷‍♀️