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Her daily life is tedious!!
Who is she trying to impress? Hinch don’t reply to her comments so I doubt she watches her 😂🙄
See now I laugh at this but when you think about it its quite sad isn’t it? Like spends her days looking up to and rimming Mrs Hinch who couldn’t give two toots about all these looneys that are obsessed with her. Proper taking advantage of people who are clearly not all there 😭😂


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I thought the same thing, she does that from time to time will say "oooh I've just noticed..." and it will be something completely mundane like the leggings thing but you can 100% tell shes lying 🤔 I wonder why
Trying to be like Hinch I guess, in a desperate attempt to generate some engagement. When she does silly things she gets loads of private messages from her Hinchers telling her how funny she is, and how she’s just so down to earth. “It’s what we love about you Soph” 🤮


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I never followed this insane person but would occasionally watch her stories to see what Single White Female antics she was up to. But I realised watching her actually made me feel ENRAGED because everything is for the gram and that is just SO sad and pathetic! I blocked her in about October and feel so much better for not having to hear her nasal whiny voice 🤣


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i am puzzled how quiet her house is with sen kids!
AND I’m curious about Jamie........where is he? What does he do and why is he with nutty Nora?
I dont think he exists tbh ( I've said this before) I truly think she is off her rocker in single white female style . .
*note to self, borrow oh's phone later to catch up on cmaa posts ( scary bitch blocked me didnt she!) 🤣
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