Cleaning instagrammers #30 we're surrounded by idiots, jajajaja

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Mario has already occupied the role of martyr-grammer. She needs to find another niche.
I bet St Mario is pure fewmin he can’t go to these events. All that free stuff slipping out of his grip

Oh no... just saw she is back, how long was that then? Who called 10 hours? Someone did!
She was deactivated while she was asleep. 🙄

Just come across this picture oh the irony haha
She also likes to beg , free things and faking her own death.


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She's one of the worst ones for accepting shit. Always going on about how much she has to turn down because she has no room for it all. Really Becky, REALLY??
She has her own thread. Loved reading the recent pages, that talk about it the event.

So last night I decided to explain to the other half why I don’t have the time for him recently 😂. I told him all about Lou and tattle (he couldn’t believe what Lou did and was very shocked someone could do all this for attention) I then introduced him to garthy. Even he had a smile on his face watching his stories 😍😍😍
Garthy will need a rave thread at this rate. Love him
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