Chocolate Allergy

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I like chocolate.
I don't really eat sweets but chocolate is my thing.
I don't eat it every day, just at weekend.
I only eat the high percentage chocolate.
Recently, I think I am allergic to chocolate.
I have really bad tummy, feel absolutely drained and a headache.

What do you all think?
See a doctor! You might have an intolerance to cacao or something. Because you eat choc with a high percentage of it you might be sort of "overdosing" on it because your body has a low tolerance for it. But its soo important to seek medical advise for food sensitivities. Hope this helps x
Ok, will have a look at that.

I think may be once my tummy settles down I will go back to pretend chocolate !

Many thanks
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Good luck! It might be a reaction to the sugar? I feel like that when I have too much sugar. Or not enough! šŸ˜¬

i think I have some sort of intolerance to chocolate as well - stuff like Thorntonā€™s, Cadbury - makes my mouth sting and itch! The cheap stuff fine!
My FIL gets migraines from choc, so it very well could make you feel icky.

could cut it out and then try a little and see how you react. I think you need to be choc free for 4 weeks to be sure when you try it again.