Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

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Does anyone else watch this? If so have you seen the new series yet.

It’s just so politically incorrect and Woke! Such a shame as I loved all the other series
I liked all the other series but this one is starting to annoy me.
Not sure what you mean by it being politically incorrect and woke though?

What's annoying me is that it is turning into to Riverdale. All the random singing and how it's more about the teenagers relationships and sex.

Now, I watch Riverdale and I enjoy Riverdale but it is absolutely shite and I know it which is how I manage to still enjoy watching it. I want my Riverdale to be Riverdale and my Sabrina to be Sabrina.

I am still enjoying parts of the series but its definitely not as good as the last two.
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I don’t want to ruin any of it for you but once you’ve seen it all it will maybe make sense about the PC and Woke comment.

The singing was all very odd. I don’t watch Riverdale so cant really compare the two.
I liked it because it was so different than anything else on TV to watch.

Will be interesting to see how they move into season4 though, I can’t see it having much to go after another series though.
I'm on episode 2 now. Cant see me sticking with this season though, such as shame as the first one was so good! Season 2 was okish.
Can you explain the PC and Woke part please? I’ve just finished it... I don’t actually know what you mean by woke anyway 😂
I follow Lucy Davis on insta and she is a really lovely person, so I watched the show just because she was in it. I love Aunt Hilda but the rest is a bit meh - but I am 46 years old so prob not aimed at my age group haha
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Just finished season 2 but heard that season 3 goes a bit Glee with loads of random singing. Please tell me this isn't true
Don't think I'll bother then. I love musicals but don't think it's fitting for Sabrina
It happens less after the half way point. It's not so much like glee or a musical. It's like Riverdale. A lot of the singing is part of the random cheerleader storyline and Harvey, Ros and Theo have a band that play. They are cringy and don't fit with the rest of the show but it doesn't happen much when important stuff starts happening l.
I enjoyed the last couple of episodes so I'm happy I stuck with season 3. Unsure if I'll bother watching S4 though.
First season was dark and quirky. Second season was also really enjoyable. Third season, the musicals. Oh my god. I cringe with teenage angst garage band/ talent show type scenes. It does not fit with Sabrina.

Love a lot of the surrounding characters; Zelda,Hilda, Madam Satan, Ambrose, Prudence and the weird sisters mainly. BUT man do I fecking hate Sabrina. She’s so self centred and smug it’s unreal.

also what’s with the way she’s walking in season three? Full shoulder moving cat walk struts. Calm doon hen, yer a 16 year old 🙄🙄
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