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Click the link above to see what Google assumes you are. Only just found out this was a thing. Lots of the categories it has for me are random and it just thinks im a female adult under 50, not so smart then 😁

I'm blaming tattle for thinking I'm into baby feeding and nappies!
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This is fun. Mine says I’m not a parent 😂 I’m guessing cos I’ve got teens now and am beyond the stage of googling parenting stuff
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Wrong about me:
Marital status: In a relationship.
Car: Land rover
Movies: Horror

Education status: Bachelor's degree.
Homeowner status: Renter
Parental status: Not a parent
Green living and environmental issues
Gyms & health clubs

I've got loads though: this is not even all of it:


Mine says "Air Canada" at the top.

I am British and never searched for a holiday in Canada? :oops:
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Mine says I'm married (twice divorced and happily single) and into American Football 🤔
I got American Football too! Probably the biggest anomaly -I don’t really care about sport but a few are tolerable in the right context. American football is NOT one of those, not tolerable in any context, I find it so dull and unsatisfying to watch. I wonder how we both ended up with that, maybe I googled something about the super bowl once ? Though even that seems a stretch. Hmmm I watched a vlog about 5 months ago from when it was on and “superbowl” probably was in the’d think Google’s advertising gremlins are smart enough to know an interest in the super bowl doesn’t necessarily mean an interest in the sport as a whole tho so can’t be sure...

The rest of it were things that could conceivably be linked to me. I had a lot of them which probably is because I spend too much time online.

Kind of a crazy concept to build a character profile solely on what you can sell them. And how that information has made Facebook into a multi billion dollar company. Sort of makes me want to hold on to the parts of my self that can’t be interpreted from my google searches or manipulated to sell products.
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Wow, never knew about this. Hasn't got my relationship status but has "offbeat" I'm surprised it's so specific :LOL:
Some of mine is vaguely accurate (35-44 year old male, into American Football, various video games, etc) but a lot of it very wrong too lol.
Love this ! My top categories are Asos (never bought a thing from there), baseball and blues music ?!
Mine mentioend Gregory. Whoever that is! It also mentions Bali which I've never googled for.
Pretty spot on for me in terms of age, relationship status, residential status and child free
It got my age and gender right but assumed I have children and like cats (I don't).
I had the add personalisation off but when I turn it on it just says my gender and age bracket, both are correct