Celebrity Coach Trip

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I bloody love Coach Trip (mainly for Brendan!).

This year’s “celebs” include the usual TOWIE/Made in Chelsea mugs 🙄😴. I’m loving the Coleoptera sisters and James Hill (he’s from my home town!) but, spend most of my time whilst it’s on TV, working out what the duck Kate Lawler did to her face 😧.

I thought her partner Arron would be hilarious, but he’s just coming across as the biggest mardy arse.
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- Those Cleopatra sisters were vile.

- Vicky and Scott thought they'd win it from the start. So two-faced, up themselves and tactical. So glad they didn't win.

- I was gutted with Aaron Crascall. He was the whole reason we watched it, but now we don't even watch his videos anymore as he was totally different on the coach. Not nice at all. His partner was a right twit too.

- I liked Harri and James. James was a little egotistical at times, but overall they played the game properly and I like that they stuck up for Brendan.

- Arge was just a twit.

- Georgia and Alexandra - that Alexandra seemed ok. Georgia was a drama queen.

- Francis and Sarah were brilliant. Loved them.

Was gutted H and Amele weren't on for longer. As well as So Solid, and Brandi Glanville - she was really conservative on the coach. After watching her on real housewives, it would have been fun to see her on the coach for longer.

The winning couple were definitely the right choice.
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Just watching S6 Ep1 which TiVo found on 4Music. My husband (or is it DH on here, like Mumsnet?) didn't know who Rustie Lee was!?