Caroline Hirons #13 Tell us the truth, you live in the house that belonged to Ruth

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Not British either. To me it sounds like she is either deliberately impersonating a West Indies accent or trying to pretend that her own accent is West Indies. Neither of which are cool
Ya that's the impression I get. I think it just rubs me up the wrong way because its always privileged white kids who do this shit, acting like they are anything but white and privileged. Ava's insta is definitely problematic on that front


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Saw something today that 100% confirms the move to Ruth’s house. Tbh I’m a bit confused about why she doesn’t just address it.
I am actually a fan of Caroline’s but it’s just a bit weird that she hasn’t mentioned it at all…?!
I don't hate Caroline, I understand why she gets critcised in here and sometimes I completely agree with the comments or they actually makes me consider what she has/hasn't done. Caroline is the person who got me into skincare and I like quote a few of the products she has recommended.

The problem is she has invited people into her life and been very open and she is now trying to close that door as she has become more well known. She has been very successful the last few years but still wants to seem relatable to the "freaks" hence hiding the fact she bought a £2 million house and still making out she lives in London. I think think will always have a base in London but the Georgian pile will become her main home.
I couldn't give two hoots about her personal life the thing that annoys me is she sells kits and recommends products and then when the fiasco has calmed down she then states you only need one product to use and you don't need a regime with 5 steps.... The amount of products people have is astonishing when they post pictures of their haul gathering dust 😂 and then seek recommendations for more, madness!


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What about a wipes option?
I’ve asked for the vicar/priest/funeral person to spray a hot shower at the clergy (is that the right word? I only know it from American Pie) and then everyone has to dry their faces with flannels I’ve washed in fabric conditioner*

*which is a freak obsession I don’t think we’ve discussed. I understand the concept of avoiding softener on undies and towels (undies because of sensitivity and towels because of absorption) but I’ve seen a few times the freaks recommend that someone suffering from what is almost always hormonal looking deep chin spots or the ones that cover their cheeks when they’ve ruined their barrier - and I don’t see how it can make that much difference when the flannel is only on your face so briefly and you’re supposedly smotheringyourself with acid afterwards.
Basically I’m not going to start sorting my flannels into various washes. I just can’t be arsed.
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