Caroline Hirons #11 Is it the X Factor circa 2005 or a skincare group?

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Is she seriously going to release a teen box? I hope it's very low on the acids, because a broken skin barrier makes acne worse, if you have it. Plus acne can be so finicky with what works and what doesn't, especially when hormonal.

If she does, I know some people are going to ignore the "teen" and buy it for under 10's for them to "pamper" themselves and "have a spa day" What happened to spa foot baths, a cheap moisturising only mask (though truthfully that was usually left out or used a moisturiser as a mask), having your nails painted and cucumber on your eyes. My nieces used to love to pick from my nail polish collection and I would paint their nails. Another one was getting bath "paints" that was actually soap, magic bubble bath that changes colour and soap that was foam that could be molded. Both were like £2 and all my niblings loved it. Sometimes you don't need to throw a lot of £££ at eveything.

I still haven't got over that grandmother who posted about her granddaughters picture and was talking about milk spots who was only several weeks old. Asking what could she get to get rid of them and whether this meant she'd have bad skin in the future. If I didn't see it myself, I'd almost wouldn't believe it. But the group really has stepped up with these kinds of posts for the past year. It's like a train wreck and it just gets worse and worse.

I am really not comfortable with people posting their kids, esp when in a state of undress or use their kids/man to grab attention in a sea of posts. I don't understand why people would trust strangers over their doctors. I've read so many going "My doctor says this, what do you think about this? What else could I use instead of what they gave me?"

I really wish she'd enforce the rules she came up with!

Also, people are saying that the autumn kit is being released in August? I wonder if it'll sell out. The last couple haven't done as well have they? Also, with the way our strange weather is, I don't think you'd get much use, as one minute it's hot, then cold, then rain and boom, the sun is back out. Also, I've never understood that you'd rotate your skincare with weather, I mean, in winter, I might use my moisturiser sleeping mask that I use when I need it and maybe an extra layer of moisturiser if and when I need it. I wouldn't swap out everything especially as I have normalish skin if I haven't used tret several days in a row. I'd understand buying a hydrating serum and thicker moisturiser in the winter, but not buying a whole routine. I already own both that I keep on rotation and I am also a fan of essences which help too.

Random, but I actually finished my first face products that were solely used on my face a couple of months ago. I've never been able to do that before, usually get bored and sits on a shelf, going off and ends up in the bin. As long as they don't do anything bad for my skin, I'm trying to use up before I buy more. So it's stupid, but I'm proud of not mindlessly wasting my cash and the planets resources. The only brand I will ever have backs up of is stratia and that's because they only do 1 single sale a year and I have to spend £15 for delivery. I can't understand the people who have 50+ backups. I mean, I'm a fan of perfume and someone admitted that they have 250+ unopened blind bottles of perfume waiting to be opened, I bet a few freaks have over 100+ products. I think people forget that they only have one face, a very small service area and the place where all your products sits and gets absorbed is not that thick. It's never going to absorb 20 products in a 10 minute window.

I know Carolines skin cupboard or whatever she has in the office, looks amazing and all the products! but she didn't spend £££ to get those. All of them were probably free so it isn't sustainable to have a stash like hers. She doesn't spend much, you'd have to spend thousands to match her.

Has she still not done her empties?

Also, i could've done without a picture of someones blisters on their feet :p I thought they were crazy toenails at first.
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