Carol Vorderman

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What is the fuucckkk. My colleague/friend worked with her on a project and apparently she was always so friendly and approachable. They went on a few nights out after work and she said Carol was always very generous and made sure none of the team paid for anything. That was around twenty years ago when she didn't have a body like that. :oops: She looks older than 60 in that pic. What a hot mess.
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If she had just stopped at the middle picture then she'd look so much better. The hair colour does nothing for her either as her hair looks fried, sad.


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What the fuck...........leather trousers!! 😳.

Has she photoshopped that picture, her boobs look enormous.
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Achieved through exercise she’s apparently said. Yes of course carol(!) fake boobs and arse to match. Lovely 🙄
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The sad thing is she has brains and money but is still wanting to make her self look hyper-sexualised as she approaches OAP age and lie about it.

I've never really trusted her or had much time for her seeing how money grabbing she is. Would happily sell her name to advertise dodgy finance products along with 100 other things while she was already one of the highest paid people on TV.
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How is it my eyes are drawn to her boobs before I look at her face ??

Because they are humongous (•)(•)😳
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I’m so over this tacky plastic look, seriously it’s not even subtle or hard to distinguish when someone’s had surgery these days; its a one size fits all and I just don’t see the appeal; it looks really stupid IMO. I’d die if my mum started walking around like that!!
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What in the hell does she look like. It is embarrassing on a number of levels, the main one being that she denies having ANY work she must think people are blind..... also that blond hair is doing her no favours at all. She should go back to her natural colour, don't her children tell her some home truths?
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She started having enhancements at least 15 years ago, but as she's approaching 60 it's really ramped up!

All seems a bit sad really

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So at first I just saw her face and was like "maybe a bit much but not THAT bad."

Then I scrolled down and oh boy... What is she doing? She looks like mutton dressed as lamb. What a mess. How can anyone think that those boobs look attractive? She must have serious issues. Did she have bum implants too? She looked way better before all of that work.

If she had just stopped at the middle picture then she'd look so much better. The hair colour does nothing for her either as her hair looks fried, sad.
She looks great in 2011, especially with the dark hair.
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Christ she looks ridiculous. It’s not sexy, or attractive. She just looks stupid.
Shame - she’s a very intelligent lady and is apparently a very nice pearson but it looks like she’s desperately trying to turn back the clock and obviously can’t cope with getting older.
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