Candice Brathwaite #2


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They may have been planned in advance, but any business with a shred of common sense or sensitivity would realise now is not the time to be advertising anything. But that's just my take on it!
I wasn’t saying she should be I just didn’t see any ads and missed this whole drama so was confused


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So she is now anxious.....She should take her advice from earlier in the week and enjoy her holiday spam!
Hahahaha stupid woman!!! All that preaching about slagging people off for not travelling to Barbados and not supporting small islands in times like these!

How can you drag you HIV positive mother and young children across the world during a global pandemic! HOW can you be so arrogant to think you’d sail through it?


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Seems like she’s strained there.. stupid stupid women! What is with these influencers travelling around the world in a global pandemic and then being shook when they can’t get home easily? They really do think they’re invincible!
I did wonder. Especially as all Brits across the world on holiday were told to get get out as soon as.

Oh well, sucks to be her.

I hope her Mom doesn't suffer because her daughter thinks nothing applies to her because anyone who tries to advise her different is racist in her eyes.


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Panic over folks. She's had one more post about her anxioys children and the dark times they face.

Now she's advertising sandals (not a pre made advert as its a holiday pic)
She is so bloody dramatic.

Shame it’s too early for a new thread title suggestion...

My Coronavirus anxiety is too much to handle but (let’s not dwell on it) have you seen our matching sandals?