“bullying Influencers”

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Over the last few days, we have received a huge amount of negative attention on this site from Influencers and their supporters,
This is understandable and if we had viewed certain uploads or posts without the background information we also would have agreed this site was “bullying Influencers” and breaking them all down one by one.
However, anyone who has taken the time to read the site properly might realise there is more to it than “hurt feelings” because a member said they had bad hair, or a messy kitchen, or they were stuck up and had changed.
Gossip happens, it happens everywhere and if you put yourself on line that is going to happen.
However for months now, this site has held all Influencers accountable, when it comes to running their BUSINESS, because these channels are a business, earning huge amounts of money in advertising and sponsorship through sharing their private life.
We’ve called them out on the hidden advertisements that has earned them thousands, the free holidays that aren’t declared, those links they earn a tidy amount of money from that people don’t know about and that hidden AD that they try to convince us is a “favourite” and not a thousand pound brand deal.
These issues would normally be questioned on the channels comments section... and swiftly deleted by the channel so people are none the wiser.
Influencers can’t do that here.
And this is where the issues lie.
This is why Influencers are getting upset.
Because they can't delete they would usually have the ability to remove from sight.
When you suppress truths on one platform they will pop up on another
Tattle life has a zero tolerance policy towards content that is hateful, abusive, threatening and we take the privacy of social media influencers far more seriously than they do themselves in many cases. We're far more stringent with our rules and moderation than any of the big social media companies.
Lots of accusations about tattle have been completely fabricated to fit an influencers agender
We do NOT encourage bullying, arguments, targeting influencers or their supporters, however these influencers have sent a huge amount of their followers here to attack us, set up fake accounts to post as “haters” to make this site look bad. And to send abuse (including death threats) to our members.
All on the orders of these influencers that have been hurt, because we’re asking them to be honest.
We are doing our best to keep things under control and delete any troll accounts or abuse, if some slips through,
apologies to everyone, we’re only human, we might miss something, please do report a post and it will often be deleted in minutes
But Unlike influencers. We own it and apologies.. ;)
We don’t try to ignore it and blame others.
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Thread locked. We lock threads when they have 1000 posts, click the blue button to see all threads for this topic and find the latest open thread.
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