Brogan Tate #5 She’s got 52 problems but begging ain’t one

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im so angry i just read her blog post about it because i cant sit and listen to her voice any longer.

shes basically doing the same trip i did when i was 18. warner brothers studio tour, disneyland, universal.
she gets it all entirely gifted.
i feel like writing to ATD im so angry
I feel you. We've messaged companies who have paid for Brogie twat to no avail. The truth is, this 52 year old does indeed help with sales. I've seen lots of people writing how they've booked with ATD thanks to Brogie, so sadly they will continue paying for free trips.


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I usually just read can’t stand bogie but this is just the limit we all work bloody hard do bogies lists in between all our actual work and save hard for holidays and this thing gets to go to Disney California for doing the worst vlogs known to man I’m beyond pissed off


Her hair is so greasy it almost looks wet in this announcement video. Plus...she’s out of breath sitting down. Annnnd...what’s going on around her mouth?

I like how she said she loves working with attraction tickets but funnily enough didn’t use them for Paris?

She said she worked hard on her content but she doesn’t. Her content is bland and shows nothing and the editing she tried to show you that takes hours and hours? Doesn’t take that long - I’ve done it for work and it doesn’t merit what she calls a full time job. I’ve done 20 to 30 minute videos (same length as her vlogs at the moment) in under an hour. And that includes the music, transitions etc she was barking on about.

She really is awful at the moment.
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