Brogan Tate #14 More Mooney Than Sense!

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Shes also an interior designer now as you know shes the only person to buy a house 😂 😂 😂
Oh gosh yes I forgot. Maybe she will give me some tips in interior designing! I know we laugh that they haven’t moved in yet but my BF and I brought our house 18 months ago and it’s still not liveable (we live in one of his dads rented properties so cheep rent Yay!) there is so much wrong with the house we Are working our way through it but my BF is a man of many talents (real job is a pilot) and wants to do it all himself, so I’ll go with the flow! 🙈🙈


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Her attitude to money in general stinks. It’s like she forgot the two jobs she worked to pay for a trip, the crying in a car because she couldn’t afford to see her friends so said she was sick, etc.

Since moving we’ve had to save where we can (like most!) and if that means taking lunch to work everyday when my mates are popping out for pizza express so be it... it’s priorities! Genuinely think moving into Kevin’s was the worst thing she’s done for herself - she has no concept of paying her way anymore!


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she ain’t renovating shit! Everyone else is decorating while she poses with marigolds. She has no social life.. She goes to events for ‘content’ for her ‘vlog’ with her ‘cling on for subs friends’ then she spends 18 years editing yet somehow all we see is her moaning about being overwhelmed and putting a washload in. Getting ready for Christmas? Yeah, it must be stressful having to beg for larger size ski gear for your ‘tenth free holiday of the year’ seeing as you out ate your last ones hun. Feck off, Brogan.


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Oh bore off Brogan. Aren’t we all running our houses, working full time, commuting, looking after kids, caring for family members, “getting ready for Christmas”, going on holiday all the time and “renovating”. Oh wait. Most of us don’t get the holidays and Brogan doesn’t work full time, isn’t renovating, and doesn’t have any family pressures (that we know of) or a commute. If life is “overwhelming” it’s completely right that she should turn some things down!


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A subscriber bought her a gingerbread. She should be buying the subscribers gingerbread!! She’s raking it in and gives nothing back to the people who have helped her get where she is (by some miracle)


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In the weekly vlog she said that she couldn’t get vlog footage of the etiquette class because it was too much to do with the stuff she needed for the insta ad... the insta ad literally consists of 7 pictures/boomerangs during the class, and videos of her chatting about it before/after.

No wonder everything is so bloody overwhelming for her if she thinks that’s hard work. Try moving house with one whole day off from your full time job to do it in and sorting all the bills etc in your lunch break, Brogan. And getting ready for Christmas is overwhelming you?!? Please just stfu.

If she does read on here and can see us saying how completely rude she is to people but keeps on doing it... that is insane to me. She thinks she’s gods gift and can do no wrong.
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