Boris Johnson #2

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I think a lot of people secretly hanker for the ‘good old days of the Empire’. Not realising the damage that colonialism did. For example most of the trouble in the Middle East can be traced back the us Brits interfering. It wasn’t just us, France, Belgium, Spain etc all had colonies as well, but ours stretched further and seems to have left a bigger mess in places. Im convinced this is what Brexit was about. A certain kind of person who doesn’t realise the world has changed and we don’t call the shots anymore, and who object to ‘being told what to do by foreigners’. They are the kind of people who go on holiday to Spain and eat fry ups and roast dinners in British pubs, never trying the local cuisine. We all know the type.
Yes and they hate it when the Spanish speak Spanish in Spain and can't understand why the "Frogs" speak French.
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