Bonnie Ryan

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That Rinmel make up she pushes is horrific

there’s no way she would use it if she wasn’t being paid to do so 😂
No she was all charlotte tilbury and NARS usually . It’s pure muck that make up . The sangria who actually believes she drank any of that ?? Like she took a sip and the rest when down the sink .. all so fake !how does she get these ads ? She isn’t even someone who drinks .. also getting up early for the sunrises for what ? To go back to bed later ? Don’t get the point of it -
A lie in and burger would go along way this one ..


Not this morning anyway. I didn’t see him the other week either when I passed them out walking. I was driving though so he could’ve been hidden behind a parked car and I mightn’t have seen him but I doubt it, it didn’t look like either of them were holding any leads.

Do they not take the dog with them?? Jesus the dog is the only reason I get off my arse at all here 😂

She tries to be funny but she’s an awful idiot god bless her


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I don’t know what BonBon would do if she had to work and run a house like everyone in the real world 🤯 she literally seems to go for walks, get parcels of clothes, “shoot” said clothes for insta and do her hair and make up 🤷🏻‍♀️
I’ve noticed she doesn’t seem to put up much gym content anymore
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