Bonnie Ryan

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Not sure why Bonbon needs so many So Sue products lol it’s actually embarrassing. I thought as a brand ambassador you’re meant to actually use the products and not hoard them 😂
But she is a rimmel ambassador as well? So dont know how she can use another brand as well i thought you couldnt when you were in an ambassador contract? she literally has no loyalty and its becoming really obvious its all a sell. She in fact never wore so sue or rimmel it was always nars or charlotte tilbury and suddenly with paid ambassador stuff they are BEST products ever.. I actually think the colour match isnt great and makes her very drawn!


So I saw BoreBon and John out walking this morning in their estate when I was on my way to work. I can confirm Clontarf sea front is within her 5km. Still not worth photographing every single day.
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How does she look in real life?? As miserable as she comes across??
Yeah she just looks like a normal girl, you wouldn’t look twice at her. She was very pale, her face almost looked translucent. Where she lives is a bit rough though, I wouldn’t be walking around there in the dark on my own.


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The absolute neck of her. Working for 2fm which is taxpayer funded and casually getting stennos during level 5. Not to mention the risk to her baby of catching COVID during pregnancy.

Actual shit for brains.
i hope someone asks in her Q and A she is planning 😂😂😂
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