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I've actively been on the look out as of late. I'm in a hurry so these are my top ones, will add more later. Please post of any you know/follow:

Nilly Dahlia: just all round nice, blurs kids faces, doesn't blag or shill.

Thevitamindproject: Africa is just so lovely, very upfront, gorgeous daughters, doesn't post links on purpose (doesn't want to add to consumerism), home design, raises issues pertinent to POC. Family and PND, home design.

The doctor mummy: Obs/gynae registrar, has worked hard to get wheels in motion to explore why WOC more likely to die post child birth.
Remi Sade: Co- host of MMD, single parenting, self esteem, birth trauma.

Grillo designs: Interior design, creator of the How I Rent series on YT.

The munching medic: Paediatrician, recently did a series on how to help a marriage (some of which is taboo in Asian culture)
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