Blackheartequestrian- how not to treat your customers

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Has anyone else clocked this absolute disaster of a company? One young girl asked the owner about using bigger models and has received streams of abuse from the owner.

The target market is about 13-15 and I have never seen anyone be so rude while representing a company.

She is blocking anyone who suggests her behaviour might be unprofessional and calling everyone who doesn’t join in with the bullying a troll.
I have been watching with my jaw on the floor in horror. She has about 60k followers and either she is drunk or just inherently stupid.



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Being in that field I'm off to have a snoop. Never heard of them though. We have a very strict social media policy out bursts are not tolerated . I assume this is a small company
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The owner claims she is 21 and being bullied by a 13 year old 🙄. She deleted and blocks anyone who told her to stop picking on this kid (who asked perfectly nicely and is...13).
She is not the brightest as she doesn’t recognise that she is the bully as is in a position of power. Same as racism.

One of my teenagers messaged the girl and thanks to the owner encouraging all the online hate, she has received death threats and has had to come off social media.

I look forward to seeing her stand at Olympia this year.