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People seem to be mindlessly jumping on the 'evil Disney' bandwagon and backing Scarlett. Yes, Disney is a highly questionable corporation but Scarlett Johansson is also far from a beacon of moral virtue. The one thing Disney and Scarlett have in common is their cut-throat attitude aimed towards earning as much money as possible. Let's not forget Scarlett Johansson chose to support Israeli Apartheid over Oxfam, has said she deserves to play any race she wants to, stood up for Woody Allen (bizarrely whilst also supporting the Women's March). I'm not rooting for her, at all.
Why would morals and virtue even come into it? It's a business deal. I work in the arts and every female-centric group/chat I'm in supports her 100%, not because 'she's the right sort of person' but because she has a right to mount a legal challenge without being subjected to an unprofessional personal attack by a leading studio exec.


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I do find this 100% on her side a tad troublesome as no one is in possession of all the information to really make that judgement. And it's not one woman taking on a mega corp, it's someone's considerable team against the mouse. So many people seem to be swayed by simplistic headlines.

End of the day for me it boils down to two capitalist corporate entities trying to make as much money as possible in an industry that's under change due to how people consume content. I'd struggle to be on eithers team.
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